In our world of Social Media everyone is sharing whether they have a business or brand to promote or not. A growing number of people are just posting because it is fashionable or habit. No real message just post. We get to see a lot of info about people that we really don’t care to see and sifting through the maze can be daunting.

In the beginning stages of my social media awareness I wanted to be particular about who saw my posts and realized that it was impossible if I truly wanted to grow my business. After a short while the larger numbers of followers became the obsession with businesses who wanted to prove their viability. Hence, anyone who would hit the “Follow” button was welcome.

My business is creating events for mature adults and I wanted people to buy tickets. Bottom line. Then I noticed that there are more people becoming entrepreneurs and are in search of the same thing. They want to sell tickets and gain followers. That is their only focus. Not what their followers are doing or even who they were. Just analytics.

At the present time newer entrepreneurs are becoming more aggressive about spreading the word of their business and are starting to interact with their audience more by letting them know individually when they have new products, specials or events. There is still no personal interaction or a hint of acknowledging that follower’s business or struggle. Trust me, if it wasn’t a struggle you wouldn’t be getting the word out to followers individually if you don’t already have some personal interaction with them.

I love interacting with my followers, getting to know them, praising their efforts. We all require different things from those around us. I like to think that I have a handle on most, if not all, of my followers. However, social media has made it very clear that we have absolutely no control over who sees our posts and many times personal friends get lost is the galaxy of posts not seen. There are a lot of posts I have missed seeing and did not ignore.

Hence, we are forced to find other avenues that we have more control over to get the word out. This is a time-consuming effort that gets put on a list of many other time-consuming efforts a small business must endure.

While I am figuring out what those efforts are I will continue to have some sort of contact with as many of my followers as possible. Whether it is just to say Hi or to learn more about their efforts and praise them along the way.

In the meantime, how about Liking, Subscribing, Following or Commenting on my efforts before you ask me to buy your product, Listen to your music or go to or Share your event. We are after the same results so let’s give what we are looking for in-kind. We will benefit together.

Happy Promoting!!

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