TKP Entertainment provides entertainment events for mature adults. The goal is to get adults up dancing and socializing and not feeling self conscious about it. Producing entertainment events that brings back memories, makes you want to tap your feet and feel those feelings you had when you first heard that music. Now including modern music you will love. Back in the day, all of the music we heard was new, then somehow we just quit listening. There are young artists that are producing music we will love. You may not like everything but music is a business and there are many starving artists out there who would love it if we appreciated just one of their songs.

Next next the music is combined so you can be escorted by your sons and daughters and everyone will have a great time while attending our concert events. Creating memories that consist of more than Mom cooking a great meal or watching a game with Dad. Nothing wrong with these memories at all but just adding a few more.

We want to bridge the entertainment gap.

Events are created just for mature to meet other mature adults. This has been working in Atlanta for 15 years and now going to other cities to bridge the distance gap and get people out to meet people from all over and share their cultures, cities, businesses and the list goes on.

Sensational Living is a series about people who are living their dreams after 50 and related information. Who knows, maybe you will be featured.

Stay tuned for great articles and information on living your life to the fullest.

Lots of laughs and great talent!