My Dear Followers, Fans & Friends:

I have read so much about the hardships that people are anticipating with spending time at home with spouses and children and how this may be a hardship. To all of you whom this may relate, this is for you.

Please recall the times you couldn’t wait to have a spouse or children, the nice house and the great job. Think back on those times that you didn’t have them. How badly you wanted them. Life wasn’t complete until you had them. Now you have them. The job has taken precedence so you can have the nice house and send your kids to the right schools and provide your family with all the latest gadgets that keep them occupied while you work. Not much time to spend with your spouse or kids because you work so hard.

I have seen parents defend their spouse and/or children if someone accused them of doing something wrong when in fact they were only defending their idea of what they think they are like. They don’t spend time with them to really know the truth just what they think is the truth.  Don’t be one of those parents who says “I had no idea”.

Now you have the time to spend with them and it is literally driving you nuts. What are you going to do? How are you going to spend that time? Don’t you know?

We tend to get away from the things we love the most. All so we can fulfil those pie in the sky dreams of what we think is necessary to live a good life.

Did you stop to think of the things you would like to do with your family if you had the time? Other than Disneyland or a vacation at the beach.

Spend quality time getting to know them. This is the time for that. No matter what you do, spend time talking to them, get to know how they think. Not so they could just answer you because they think it’s what you want to hear or because it’s a quick answer.

Spend time being proud of the people they have become and be a relevant part of who they are becoming. Think about life without them so you can appreciate being with them.

Use this time wisely. Reflect on your life and is it truly the life you want. Is it truly the life your family wants? Make it happen. Decide a family the direction you want to go.

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