It is an honor to be working with this extraordinary pianist, Andrew Fazackerley. Andrew has been playing the piano and writing music for decades now and as most of us move on in the aging process we tend to not only make decisions but act upon them. We are not at the age where we can just put of our dreams until tomorrow. Many of us have past that stage.

Andrew is taking the experience and knowledge he has learned and earned and making it pay off for him now. He is busy writing and producing new music which I coin as fun and frolicy and making his dreams come true. His music definitely defines where he is in his life right now.

Personally I think he got a kick in the pants with the birth of his two beautiful grandchildren. Those little darlings can do that to you.

TKP Entertainment is so proud to have him on board and looking forward to his upcoming shows and music. Check out my events page for his upcoming performance at The Velvet Note on September 15th. Andrew Fazackerley – TKP Entertainment

Here is a sample of this EP that can be purchased at Enjoy!

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