Girlfriends Wear Girlfriends Tshirts

Girlfriends Wear Girlfriends Tshirts

What is the fuss with my obsession with Girlfriends Wear Girlfriends Tshirts? I am annoyed with the term buy black. Reading how we should support each other by purchasing each other’s products. I say each other as I sell products. It’s amazing how some people interpret this so differently and how some people take it to heart. I cannot tell you how grateful I am on those rare occasions when someone will share my events. How I feel when they purchase a ticket goes without saying. I am all about supporting but but not about being used.

If you are an entrepreneur you know that starting out is costly. If you have a friend that is one you should know this. The time, effort and money is a lot. I had a friend that would insert the business card information I would obtain from networking events so that I could get on about the business of growing my business. That was a major contribution that has not gone unnoticed.

Marketing is expensive. There are so many different ways of doing it the right way that it would make your head spin. When you haven’t done it you don’t have a clue which way is the most effective for your product or service.

I have been fortunate with growing my network. RARELY do I go out and someone in the room has attended one of my events or follows me on social media. After 17yrs., ya think?

So I was working on an event with a friend, Habaka ( and thought it would be a great idea if we purchased each other’s tshirts and posted us wearing them online. A lot of people didn’t get it from a business standpoint so I will explain.

One more time, Marketing Is Expensive. I have over 50k followers in my network. How much would it be worth for me to give a shout out about your business to them? This along with wearing your t-shirt in some of my casual pics. Let’s go even farther to say you have a girlfriend that owns a business and you copied her logo and put on a shirt and posted it on social media. She would be over the moon for your support. Girlfriends Wear Girlfriends Tshirts is just that. Showing support to those close to you. Have their logo put on a kute shirt that you can wear on outings.

It may seem like a small thing but it is showing the kind of support that should come from friends. With that being said you can purchase one of my tshirts or design one for your girlfriend at TuKute Presents (

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