I started this business because I was 50 years old and not ready to pack it up and sit in a rocking chair waiting for the end of life. I felt I had a lot of living left to do and I wanted to be able to share it with others who totally understood me. When I had my first event I knew there were women who never told their age. When I got up on stage and announced mine they had an entirely different attitude. I was sassy, saucy, sexy and sensational. They saw themselves in me and just needed to hear from someone who wasn’t trying to be twenty or thirty all over again. They announced their ages after the show and proudly let me know I had nothin’ on them and thanked me for inviting them into my world with their new attitude.

It felt great to be able to motivate that type of response. I kept it up as I am truly inspired by all of these women. I have met some great women that are great friends and we do our best to support each other. Support is vital in my business and there is no greater satisfaction than people wanting to support you. Believing in what you are doing. Promoting the movement.

It definitely has been a struggle to get people to understand how social media, branding, promoting, marketing and all that encompasses being successful entails. As mature adults we tend to refer back to old school style of marketing. I continue to strive to help my mature friends to understand the value in learning these concepts and finding what works for them.

I got so good at these things that I had to take time off because I had blown up to be a go to person from what I thought were really successful people. I couldn’t believe they wanted to work with me. Who was I? I didn’t feel I had anything to offer them. Well now I do. They have seen me and were impressed with me and now I get it. Took a while, but I’ve got it now.

As mature adults are trying to stay healthier, travel to new places and living the life they always wanted to I want to provide avenues where they can do that and meet like-minded individuals who want the same.

I started this business to hear others tell me how great they are. I love the optimism, the new friendships and most of all the love of our times. Oh, and the wine, gotta luv the wine.

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